Placer County Process Service is a professional organization conducting efficient and effective business for nearly three decades. With a staff who possess high standards and expectations of success, we pride ourselves on producing “results not excuses”. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are genuinely committed to providing you with excellent service and quick results.

Placer County Process Service specializes in all aspects of legal service which includes without limitation, ethics, service of process investigations, sub-rosa, and court filings. In addition, Placer County Process Service has particular expertise in locating defendants, witnesses, businesses or individuals who fall into the whereabouts unknown category. We have an excellent reputation for providing timely, solid and effective service results in both routine and rush based circumstances. Although small in size, Placer County Process Service is huge in competence, work habits and results.

Placer County Process Service is dedicated to providing our clients with current, accurate and valid information by utilizing our skills, talent and professionalism. Our service of process investigational information is gathered from “live searches” not something located on the internet. This professional method produces exceptional results and is just one of the many facets that separate Placer County Process Service from your standard process server.

Placer County Process Service welcomes the opportunity to provide services to you and your firm regardless of the job size or location. Our staff has the experience and ability to provide quality service at reasonable rates that are firm, fair and consistent. Placer County Process Service has completed many challenges during the last three decades and is ready and willing to take on any new assignment that you or your firm may require. In addition, Placer County Process Service can provide you with a video tape of the service of process should it be necessary for a hearing or court appearance. Each and every assignment accepted, is handled within our office and not sub-contracted out to an individual or other business unknown to you. This insures that your assignment will be processed and completed in a timely, cost effective manner and returned to your office without delay.