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Although service forms, payment forms and e-mails are very effective in the cycle of services rendered, there is nothing as efficient and understandable as a telephone conversation. Each situation whether service of process or an investigational matter are unique in their own manner, so please, always feel free to give us a call to discuss your particular circumstance.

Clients without an established account, must pre-pay for services requested. We accept the standard forms of payment which include VisaMaster CardChecksMoney OrdersCash. We welcome and accept new clients who wish to open up an account, providing you meet the business criteria required by Placer County Process Service. 


Prepare your legal documents and/or investigation request. File documents if necessary. From the menu tabs choose your service form option.

Option 1 - Online Form * Complete the necessary/required information. Once completed, you may submit the online service form directly to our office with your documents attached. You may also submit credit card payment through this option.

Option 2 - PDF Form * Download/print and complete the PDF service form and/or PDF payment form. Once completed, submit form(s) with your documents to our office in any of the following methods – E-Mail * Hand Deliver * US Mail * Courier. New customers/clients must include a completed payment form or call our office in advance if payment is made by credit card.

Placer County Process Service requires an identical copy of the service documents for our records. This insures we can verify/validate what was served should the issue arise. If using the US Mail/Courier method, wave the signature, and be sure to include the extra service packet. If using electronic method, you will need to pay for the copies printed. If hand delivering after hours, there is a secured drop box you may use to deliver the service packets or investigation request.

Service of process is allowed (3) attempts per fee. Any additional information you provide about the Defendant/Respondent/Witness, the smoother and more economical the service will/can be. Once service of process is completed, Placer County Process Service will generate a proof of service, signed under the penalty of perjury, and mail/hand deliver the document back to you/your office. In most cases, a video/photograph of the service/interview/investigation is available should it be needed/necessary for a court hearing.

Fees start at $25.00 dollars and vary depending on the location/city/town/county/state/service/request.