Never inform a Defendant, Witness or Respondent you’re going to serve them, even if they appear to be a friendly Witness or Defendant. Over the past three decades, Placer County Process Service has personally served an estimated 60,000 individuals and/or businesses across the United States. Although a few may routinely accept service without incident, the vast majority of them will go to great lengths to avoid or evade service. This is nothing more than everyday human behavior as people are either inconvenienced by testifying or irritated at being sued over a particular matter. Some take evasion to extreme measures and this can raise the cost of completing service. Remember, the clock starts ticking the moment service is complete so as long as they can evade, the matter cannot move forward.

Be aware of imitation process servers. Unfortunately, misleading advertising and inexperienced individuals have invaded the service industry. There is an abundance of individuals who have obtained a service license and then feel they are an experienced process server. They come in many forms, retirees looking for extra cash, individuals wanting to mirror Placer County Process Service, those who failed law enforcement courses, mail carriers and secretaries. Using an inexperienced individual like this could jeopardize your case let alone waste your time and money. As you call around to different businesses, be sure to ask the right questions as a cheap price is not always the right answer.

Provide enough copies for the service requested. Placer County Process Service requires an identical copy of your service documents for our records. If you are serving (1) Defendant, please provide us with (2) service packets. Should you be serving (2) Defendants, please provide (3) service packets so on and so forth. There are several ways to get your documents to our office for service of process. You may use the US Mail sending them directly to our office location, you may hand deliver them to our office directly or you may place them in PDF/Word format and e-mail them to us.

Verify the address if possible. Verifying the address will save us time and you money. Each service is allowed (3) attempts, therefore having a verified address will utilize each attempt to it’s best. Should you be unable to verify the location or simply not have a current address, no worries, Placer County Process Service is an expert at locating individuals and/or businesses and would be happy to provide you with that information.

Don’t procrastinate. All service documents have a time line attached to them. From Small Claims to Summons and Complaints, service of process must be completed within a certain time frame in order for the matter to be heard. Placer County Process Service schedules our services in the order they are received so the sooner you provide us with the service documents, the sooner we can schedule and complete your assignment without a rush fee attached.

Each service is unique in it’s own way. Although there are some situations where service of process is a smooth event, each service has it’s own characteristics. Some locations are gated making the service a bit more challenging. Some have security guards where other locations are simply service proof. These situations require thinking outside the box and being creative to complete the service. Most people have the misconception of “drive there and hand them the papers”. Service of process is anything but, especially in this day and age. People are busy and on the move. Placer County Process Service is well educated in human behavior and completing service of process requires attempts (7) days a week at all hours of the day and night. Please feel free to call our office and discuss your situation or circumstance with us. We’re here to assist you will all your legal needs and much much more.